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The IACI  participates in a myriad of Events, Parties, Festivals and Volunteerism

throughout the year. Here is a list of our rich history of events.

On Sunday, 2nd February, 2020 we had Imbolc, (pronounced Im as in him,

bol as in Molly and c would be ck sound as in pick) -- which is a Gaelic traditional

Festival marking the coming of Spring, and the coming into Milk of the Ewes, because

as I understand this is why Imbolc is associated with sheep. (It is also the feast

day of Saint Brigid.) It is the half time between the Winter Solstice and the

Vernal Equinox, that is, the time between the shortest day of the year and the time

when daylight and darkness are equal. This celebration has been practiced for

thousands of years. At this time the sheep were ready to have babies, and

winter would soon end. Now, St. Brigid was the Saint that protected homes

from fire. Some people put a red candle in their windows the night before Imbolc.

So, light your candle and maybe put on your wool sweater and know that winter

won't be much longer!


This event (Imbolc) was held at Pascale's Bistro in Drumlin's Country Club,

800 Nottingham Road, Syracuse from 12 Noon - 4 p.m.

The menu consisted of Chicken piccata, Au Gratin Potatoes,

Penne pasta w/ vodka Sauce, Broccoli + cauliflower

w/ garlic butter, salad, cheesecake, coffee/tea. Cost was

30 $ for Adults -- Kids -- 10 $ for the Dinner, and the meal

was superb. Entertainment was provided by a 3-piece

Irish Musical Group -- Wind & Wire, and they were

outstanding. The attendees were lead in Song -

(names of) Parting Glass, Red is the Rose,

and Loch Lomond. We were treated, too, to a

poignant poem about Alzheimers by

Basil Dillon-Malone. (As always for this event,

R.S.V.P. by calling (680)-322-5960, 2 weeks prior.)

No Imbolc Festivities for 2021 and 22

because of Covid / Flu. In 2023, Saturday January 28th,

we had our Imbolc celebration at May Memorial Church.

We served Irish fare such as Shepard's pie, ham and cabbage,

Irish soda bread, drinks and desserts. Played some fun games

and enjoyed Irish tunes with our DJ.

In March, we participate in one of the HUGEST events

of the year, the St. Patrick's Day Parade in downtown

Syracuse; always on a Saturday and always well-attended -

no matter how cold. 2020's Parade will be hosted by

Sean Kirst and John Francis McCarthy, the Grand

Marshals. The theme is -- A Picture is Worth

1000 Words; honoring Story-Tellers. Parade 2020

and 2021 canceled due to Covid. Parade was held

on 12 March, 2022 Saturday at 12 noon in downtown.

Theme was Irish Dancers. I.A.C.I had a staunch crew of folks

holding it down for the Celtic cause in CNY. It was 21 degrees

when we marched, wind 

whipping and snow.

A PERFECT day for

a parade!

NO Parade march for our group in 2023, due to a

scheduling glitch. We hope to be back next year! 

Then comes Irish Dance Feis, (pronounced Fesh as in

mesh), which is a traditional arts and cultural festival, with

heavy emphasis on Irish dance. It was held

at the NYS Fairgrounds, in the Horticulture Bldg.,

Saturday 25th April, 2020 from

9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. There is ample

parking behind the building. Feis in 2020

and 2021 canceled due to Covid. In 2022, Feis

was Saturday April 23, 2022, again at the Horticultural

Bldg., at the Fairgrounds at the same time as in

the past - 9 a. to 2 or so. Traffic was brisk, sales were good

and a good time was had by all, to be sure. in 2023, Irish Fest

was held on 29 April, 2023 at 9 or so a.m. Our sales were great,

due to our large selection, and having some unique items.

We held our Annual Picnic on Tuesday June 18th, 2019

which was a Tuesday from 4 - p.m. to 8 - p.m. at Erie

Canal Park, which is in Dewitt. We served

burgers, barkers, chips, salad, drinks and

dessert, with entertainment such as

Irish story telling, and music.

ALWAYS a grand time!

Picnic in 2020 canceled because

of Covid. On June 22, 2021, we had our

picnic at Cedar Bay Pavilion with almost 20 people in

attendance from 4 to 8 p.m. Lots of delicious food and

great fellowship ensued! Picnic again at Cedar Bay on

Tuesday 21, 2022 Jun at 5 p. Tons of food and drink was

offered, as well as games such as corn hoe. Irish music

provided by our DJ. Certainly, a grand time! in 2023, our

picnic was in June, on a Saturday - the 17th from 3 til dusk.

It was more of an

intimate gathering than

in years past, but, nevertheless

a fun time. Plenty of great food, fellowship and music!

In early September, forever on a Fri and Sat, there was

the HUGE annual Irish Festival held in Clinton Square in

Syracuse, NY. In year, 2019, it was Fri 6 Sep - noon to

11 p. and Sat the 7th - 11 to 11 p. We offered tin whistle

lessons, beginning Irish lessons, Irish

designs for Children to color, and free Irish

name tags for all ages. Also, we had books,

jewelry pieces, paintings/postcards, knitted items

and music CDs for sale. There were

several Irish bands there, too; traditional + modern,

and folks selling Irish and other type Foods. No Irish

Fest in 2020 cuz of Covid. Irish Fest,

for IACI in 2021, was held 5 - 6:30 Friday

and Noon til 6ish on Saturday September 11. Even

though Covid has ruined so much, we managed to

have steady sales in books and jewelry, and

handed out a slew of name tags. Ann was

there at the ready with Brigid cross lessons

and penny whistle tutorials. Thanx to

all our volunteers. It was an

enjoyable two days! For 2022, Our Irish Fest again

was a success; a profitable event. We hope to do

better in 2023. In 2023, our Fest was on 8th and 9th

of Sept. Friday there was massive amounts of construction,

all around the Festival, which impacted parking. And

Saturday, it was rainy. In spite of all of this, our sales

were on par with 2022. it was an enjoyable two

day event!!

In October, held at Jazz Central, 441 East Washington

Street in Syracuse on 13, 20 and 27th October, 2019 at

2 p.m. was our much loved Film Series, showing

three Irish films with popcorn and lively commentary

afterward. In 2019, Oct 13th - was The Rising of the

Moon, 1957, directed by John Ford w/ Tyrone Power

and Cyril Cusack. On 20 October, we viewed Shake

Hands with the Devil, a 1959 film starring James

Cagney, who plays an academic that turns into a

die-hard opponent of the 1922 Treaty. Finally, on

the 27th of October there was a

showing of the movie The Journey,

a recent 2016 film, depicting

Unionist Fire-brand Ian Paisley and

Sinn Fein Leader Martin McGuiness, who

find themselves in a long car ride together,

and the unexpected twists

that follow! Tickets were $10.00;

very reasonable -

purchased at the Door.

Btw, Street parking available.


Also, end of October, there is

Samhain, NOT pronounced Sam Hain;

(it is Sow as in now and wen as in then).

The American Halloween is patterned

after Samhain, btw. Samhain

was the division of the year between the

lighter half (summer) and the darker half (winter).

At this time, the division between this world and the

otherworld was at its thinnest,

allowing spirits and fairies to pass through/cross over.

It was their intention to take folks back to their world.

To confuse the fairies, people dressed up as animals or

monsters. Our current day Halloween has its' roots in Ireland's

traditions of thousands of years ago. Treats were often

left to appease these restless spirits. Turnips were carved

to frighten spirits away, in case treats didn't work.

In this country, the tradition continues

with the carving of pumpkins. Whether you celebrate

Samhain or Halloween, we hope you have a safe and

happy one!! Samhain was at Coleman's Irish Pub in

Syracuse, Sunday 28 Oct 2018 from 2 - 4 p.m.

There was a $ 10 cover charge at the Door - (Costumes

Optional) - which included a snack-plate, non-alcoholic

drinks, and entertainment. There were no organized

Samhain Festivities in 2019. No Samhain in 2020 due

to Covid. In 2021, the Halloween / Samhain festivities

were held on Saturday October 30th, at May Memorial

Church, 3800 E. Genesee St., in Syracuse at 1:30 p.m. 

Finger-foods and non-alcoholic drinks were served.

Many wore creative costumes. All enjoyed the

fine Irish music and the mischief and

mayhem of the day! in 2022, we had repeat successes

of past events, and expect to expand our numbers

in 2023. No organized Samhain activities for 2023. Stay safe!

The public joined w/ members of the CNY-IACI

Saturday, November 17th, 2018 from 2:30 to 4 p.m. for

an informative discussion of the role of Douglas Hyde

in shaping modern Ireland, and particularly the controversies facing

Hyde and the Gaelic League in the pivotal early years of the 20th Century.

It was in Community Room # 1 of the Community Library

of Dewitt and Jamesville, 5110 Jamesville Rd.,

Jamesville, NY. To reiterate, members and public

were welcome, with many in attendance.

A good time was had by all.

Throughout the year, Casual Language Classes

were conducted

on a regular basis,

taught by a native-speaker, Mr. John LaParo.

These were held at Onondaga Library,

starting in 2020 every Thursday at 9 a.m. Unfortunately, due

to John's passing, these are no more w/ Mr. LaParo. R.I.P. John.


AND Formal Classes started at Oasis

beginning Monday the 24th of February at

9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. This is Irish I Class.

On this same date in 2020, starting at 12:15 is

Irish Class II. Again, these classes with John

are now defunct, too.

Also, once a month, on Saturdays, in 2020, folks

gathered to practice speaking the Irish language

together that they've learned. E-mail for addresses,

directions, etc; --

Beginning and Intermediate Irish ARE BACK!!

Shannon O'Neill is teaching Beginning Irish on

Tuesdays, Sep 26 - Nov 14 from 12:30 - 2 p.m.

The fee is $48.00. Classes are in the Health Link Rm.

Comprised of 8 sessions. She, as well, teaches the

intermediate classes same fee, dates and room at Oasis -

the time is 2:15 - 3:45 p.m.


Lucht Ceoil, music makers in Irish, (pronounced

Look-t Kyol -- o as in mole) is a monthly,

casual meeting, in 2020 of members interested

in playing and singing Irish music. There are

flutes, penny whistles, mountain dulcimer and

bodhran. Lucht Ceoil has done two musical

programs for Betts Library Summer Music

Series and two programs for the Centers at St.

Camillus. Bring your music instruments and join us

for some musical fun. Call (680)-322-5960 for

further Information. No pressure to be


On a regular basis, too, IACI has done Volunteer work at the Samaritan Center,

215 N. State St., Syracuse on (day varies month-to-month) for two hours, from

3 - 5 p.m. serving meals to deserving folks in the community. Frequently, we

serve between 250 and 500 Meals, when our group volunteers. The Center serves

over 9000 meals per month.


You may ask, what does feeding the Homeless have

to do with being in an Irish Group? I believe we

have a genetic memory of the Great Famine in

our ancestral homeland, making us conscious of

other's struggles and this motivates us to give

back. We work to empower our city! Come volunteer

with us if you like. Contact Ann by the 5th of each

month to find out the volunteer day

and date -- (680)-322-5960.

Our Board Meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of every month at the

Hazard Library from 12:00 to 2 (ish) p.m., unless otherwise

announced. ALL are welcome! You don't have to be

Irish to hang out. Come meet us.


(There are other things we've done which may be a one-time

happening, not listed here.)

In conclusion, we are a VERY active organization and would

love for YOU to join us! For info on becoming a member and/or

participation in any of the aforementioned activities -- please e-mail

us at the following:

REMEMBER, you need not be Irish to join our group,

you need only to have a love and appreciation

of Irish culture!


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to All.

Thanks for

your Patience.

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