Board Members are as follows:


Tina Higgins (2015) - Favorite Irish song - Men of Erin by The Elders. Favorite Irish expression - May Those who love Us love Us, and Those that don't love Us, may God turn Their Hearts; and if He doesn't turn Their Hearts, may He turn Their Ankles, so We'll know Them by Their Limping.


Helen Jennings (2013) - Favorite song - Where the River Shannon Flows. Favorite expression - Get down on Your Knees and thank God You're still

on Your Feet.


Bonnie Kelly (2017) - Favorite song - Spancil Hill. Favorite expression - You can ALWAYS tell an Irishman -- You just can't tell Him much.


John LaParo (2013) - Info pending.

Terrence McGovern (2019) - Favorite song - Trasna Na dTonnta (Over the Waves). Favorite

expression - Nil aon Tintean mar do Tintean

fein. (There is No Hearth like Your Own Hearth).


Aine Peterson (2013) - Favorite song - Sonny Come Home. Favorite expression - May Your Path be strewn with Shamrocks.

Natalie Trump (2012) - Favorite song - Trasna Na dTonnta (Over the Waves). Favorite expression - Imionn an tuirse, fanann an tairbhe. (The Fatigue passes; the Accomplishment remains).


Mary Kate Walsh (2017) - Favorite song - Forty shades of Green. Favorite expression - I don't know What to choose. There are so many good Ones!

Music courtesy
Frank Lennon's Midis
Song: Rocky Road
to Dublin